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Bill 60: The Quebec Secular Question

The Charter of Values was a piece of legislation proposed by the Parti Québécois, the former provincial government of Quebec, that would ban the wearing of conspicuous religious attire by public sector workers. The bill…

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End Violence Against Women — Panel by Amnesty International and JHR MARINA NEMAT – Author of The Prisoner of Tehran and After Tehran. JUNIPER GLASS – Senior Director, Strategy and Partnerships of Girls Action Foundation SAMSAM AHMED – Former President of Women’s Place Ottawa,…

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Faith and Freedom: A Panel on Human Rights and Religion

Journalists for Human Rights in collaboration with Amnesty International presents Faith and Freedom. The areas of focus will include the intersection of religion and human rights in media (specifically: freedom of press), politics (fundamentalism, social…

A video by the 2011 JHR team on the rising tuition fees

A short 10 minute documentary on the rising tuition fees in Quebec. Students from McGill and UQAM were among the protesters. Our journalists went into the protests and asked students personally what their grievances were.