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Presumed Innocent: Cash Bail and Pretrial Detention in the United States

Kalief Browder was arrested in May 2010 at the age of sixteen; he was accused of stealing a backpack. His bail was set at $3,000—an amount that his mother could not afford. For the next three years, Browder was held in pretrial detention on Rikers Island, a New York City prison notorious for a culture of violence propagated by its guards. While there, he endured two years of solitary confinement which led him to attempt suicide several times. Browder refused multiple plea deals, adamant that he had not committed a crime. Finally, three years, thirty-one court dates, and multiple plea deals later, Browder’s case was dismissed on May 29th, 2013. He was released the next day.

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US and Iran: Sacrificial Sanctions

Contemporary international relations between the United States and Iran are a classic case of prioritizing inter-state objectives over human welfare. Amid rising tensions, people have become more focused on the race for superiority between Iran and the United States, rather than the resulting human suffering and violence.

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New Issue of Speak! Newspaper on the Stands

The most recent issue of Speak! is now on the stands in Leacock and Redpath. This issue focusses on Disability Rights, and includes articles on Cerebral Palsy in South Africa, Autism in India, Disability Services provided…

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Speak up, nationally!

REQUEST FOR SUBMISSIONS – email pitches to by OCTOBER 31st Speak Magazine is seeking feature submissions for its upcoming issue, “The Children’s Right to Speak.” Speak is the Journalists for Human Rights’ annual national…