Faith and Freedom: A Panel on Human Rights and Religion

Journalists for Human Rights in collaboration with Amnesty International presents Faith and Freedom. The areas of focus will include the intersection of religion and human rights in media (specifically: freedom of press), politics (fundamentalism, social movements and uprisings, religious tribunals), and daily practice (religious education, dress, etc.)

We also hope to achieve a greater understanding about the effects of religion on the human rights movement – and vice versa – in regards to minority groups (particularly women, children, and LGBTQ).

Dr. Julie Norman is in the Dept of Political Science; she teaches courses on the Arab-Israeli conflict, Middle East foreign policy, and human rights. She is the author of two books on unarmed resistance in Israel-Palestine, and she has also published on media activism, legal advocacy, and urban planning in the Middle East. Other research interests include international law, refugees, and prison/detention policies.

Jon Waind teaches a course on religion and human rights. His thesis research will focus on how to approach the vulnerability of children in a pluralist society; it will be the aim of this research project to articulate a way of doing justice to children that takes into account the pluralism of our contemporary social context.He also has research interests in Christian ethics, political theology, political theory, and the interface between religion and globalization.

Rev. Neil Whitehouse is McGill’s Ecumenical Chaplain; he was ordained by the British Methodist Church in 1992 and has worked in international and national youth work, local London churches and founded a spiritual and social well-being centre in Soho, central London, serving ‘lesbians, gay men and their friends’ with a multi-faith approach. He joined McGill’s Chaplaincy in 2010 and is a representative of the United Church of Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada.

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By Jhr McGill

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