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Venezuela: The Complexity of a Nation in Crisis

Written by Sophie Crawford Edited by Laurence Campanella Franco Fasuli, Getty Images. A Nation in Need of Humanitarian Justice The United Socialist Party of Venezuela, now led by Nicolas Maduro, Hugo Chávez’s successor, has been…

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Climate Change and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Written by Ghislaine Fandel Edited by Ghayas Osserian “Syrian and Iraqi refugees at Skala Sykamias Lesvos Greece,” By CC SA. The political and economic situation in Syria as well as the ongoing civil war due…

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The Rohingya & Islamophobia: A Dire Situation

Written by Ghayas Osseiran Edited by Mariana Furneri “Emergency food, drinking water and shelter to help people displaced in Rakhine State, western Burma.” By DFID Burma, CC BY-SA. A Dire Beginning On August 31st, 2017,…