Podcast Series: “This is Bill 21”

This four-part podcast series focuses on the controversial Bill 21, a bill passed in June 2019 banning public workers in positions of “authority” from wearing religious symbols while on duty.

JHR McGill interviews guests Robert Leckey (Dean of McGill Faculty of Law), Genevieve Mercier Dalphond (Activist and PhD student) and Daniel Béland (McGill Political Science Professor) to introduce the Bill, explain why it is a human rights issue, and shed light on its legal claims. In the final episode, the students provide their own perspectives on the Bill, explore what they believe will happen in the future, and connect the Bill to the McGill community specifically.

Thank you to VP Radio Laine McCrory and our Radio Team ⁠— Grace Lavender, Aly Lowry, Leena Mirjan, Neelima Rajesh and Sabrina Khan ⁠— for producing this series.

Find it at the following link to listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3TJIZMVbDnwpx7mIO5Zmdr?si=wCxGnx0XQoGjxbho_uacBQ&fbclid=IwAR3R4blQo_v-r-eNu9S0jh0oNvvwJsSMjWIavdgy6Ck-xO06Tb8tn3rcjb8

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